New Martial Arts School for children now open in Houston Texas

Kids are learning Bruce Lee’s first martial art that made him a legend while discovering excellence in all areas of their lives.

The youth of Houston Texas now have the opportunity to learn a unique system at Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu that goes above and beyond any basic marital arts school. It not only teaches self-discipline, focus, structure, and confidence, but it actually brings the kids into a real Martial Arts System that can be used for pure self-defense.

The kids will learn how to use this powerful information for good to avoid bullying and begin helping others in need. To become a pillar within their organization and excel to their fullest potential in their young lives.

Here at the “Red Dragon Houston School” we pride ourselves on not only teaching a proven to work Martial Arts Curriculum, but also guiding the youth to become better people and be able to use this information in their day to day life.

For instance, some of our major benefits are: more focus in their classes, more discipline with their parents and teachers, more eagerness to learn. All this as a byproduct of learning a system that has benefits far beyond the punching and kicking.

As a Parent we understand that we want the best for our children. So we have developed our curriculum with you and your child in mind.

You see, your children will be learning classical Wing Chun Kung Fu, a practical form of self-defense that can be learned by children of all ages and sizes. Legend has it that Wing Chun was invented and developed by a woman so it is useful for people of all sizes and strengths. And now this form of Kung Fu is available right here in your next door Houston Martial Arts School.

The Red Dragon Kids program unlocks the doors for children to express themselves in a concrete form, putting their own expressions and creativity into their Martial arts. Our program enables them to expand their way of thinking, and align their thoughts with the physical and mental aspect of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

While highly effective as a fighting art, our curriculum involves much more than just punching and kicking. This Kung Fu System is designed to teach anyone how to use their body correctly, efficiently, and in unity. Children will learn how to sync their breathing with their movements in order to become more powerful and then enable them to begin unleashing their inner self in order to become great at anything they put their mind to.


The Instructors are top notch-next level. They are professionals in life that have a true passion for the Martial Arts and are excited and motivated to watch our youth prosper in their day to day lives. The instructors have been trained, tested, and proven to deliver true long lasting value to our students. Our instructors strive to give the maximum opportunity for your kids to grow, and continue growing, throughout the time they are with us in the Houston “Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu School”.

For us at Red Dragon it’s more than just Martial Arts, it’s a passion; and with passion magical things begin to happen because we teach from the heart, truly wanting our youth to be prepared for any scenario they can possibly encounter in their schools or on the streets.

The highly effective curriculum of the self defense taught at Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu goes hand in hand with the mental aspects of being a true Martial Artist. Students are taught the importance of having a calm collected mind in order to achieve multiple tasks at the same time, without feeling overwhelmed or scared.

They will learn how to make their mind their best friend and empower them with the skills and knowledge to apply what they have learned in their life and to protect and overcome any obstacle they are confronted with.

As Martial Artists we look to prevent conflict at all costs but we enable the child to have strength and confidence but with calmness in their mind and heart when confronted with unavoidable situations.

Your child has an opportunity to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu in the Houston, Texas area right now. We encourage you to give us the opportunity and sign up for a FREE Trial Class. There is no cost, no obligation and absolutely no pressure. We have a very relaxed atmosphere and enjoy what we do.

We encourage parents to stop by and meet us, take advantage of the trial class, and take a closer look at our program to see if this is a good fit for you. We are sure that you will be impressed with all that the Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu School has to offer.

Sign your child up for a FREE Trial Class right now!