Class Schedule & Prices

Please find below the schedule of classes and list of prices for our children's martial arts program. We would love the opportunity to meet you and your child and offer a FREE Trial class so you can experience first hand what Red Dragon Youth Kung Fu can offer you and your family.

Class Schedule

Monday5:30 - 6:30Iron Sports
Tuesday5:30 - 6:30Chinese Martial Arts, LLC
Wednesday5:30 - 6:30Iron Sports
Thursday5:30 - 6:30Chinese Martial Arts, LLC
Saturday10:15 - 11:15Chinese Martial Arts, LLC

Program Fees

Classes Cost
1 Class per Week$80 per Month
2 Classes per Week$120 per Month
3 Classes per Week$160 per Month
Unlimited Classes$200 per Month

* Mix and Match Classes

Classes may be mixed and matched between the 2 schools during the week. For example you may attend Monday and Wednesday at Iron Sports and Tuesday at Chinese Martial Arts location. This equals 3 classes per week.

Discount for Additional Family Members

Classes Discount
1 Class per Week$10
2 Classes per Week$25
3 Classes per Week$50
Unlimited Classes$50

Discount Note

A discount is available for each additional family member. For example, for 2 classes a week the first student pays $120 per month. The second student, assuming they are also taking 2 classes per week, would receive a $25 discount and pay $95 per month.

Refer a Student and receive a $20 discount for the month the new student enrolls

* For A Limited Time Parents May Train With Their Children

Until our classes fill up parents may train alongside their children.

This is a great way to introduce your child into the martial arts, and spend more time with them.